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More generally it was considered that there is a need for statutory and voluntary services to receive training and guidance on gender-based violence and for the attitudes towards masculinity and male on male violence to be challenged. A number of providers working specifically with such victims reported instances where the assumption was made by the police that it was ‘just two blokes fighting and that there was no need to intervene’, as though it was just a brawl in the pub. Likewise accounts were given where the police failed to take the domestic abuse being reported seriously where the man was the victim and the perpetrator was a women. More consideration and awareness of the increasing numbers, seen by providers, of male domestic abuse is needed. Within these discussions, there seemed to be little awareness or recognition of the government’s recent announcement to commit £500,000 over the next financial year to support male victims of sexual violence48. It is hoped that many of the concerns raised can start to be addressed by these funds.