Letter to Boris Johnson

Dear Boris, I would like to talk with you to discuss my worries about the lack of services accross London for male victims of domestic violence. I understand that thier is a big push on addressing VAWG accross London which is reassuring to see. Unfortunately this campaign I think reaffirms the silence of 800,000 men or 5% of the population accross the UK who are also victimsin need of support.I am a student social worker who has previously worked in the Probation Service with perpetrators of DV. I would therefore argue that I have some experince of the lack of servics for men along with the experience of campaigning for better services in my borough of Havering for male survivors. I appreciate that thier is a larger proportion of women and girls that experince abuse but i do not think that this warrents the exlusion of a smaller number of men in need of support. I hope you can see your way to liaising with me or at least support me to get this issue on the political agenda.   


Letter to Clarence Barrett(Havering MP)

Complaint to Havering council


Dear Clarence 


As a survivor and professional working with DV victim, perpertrators and thier children I am worried that the services available to male victims in the borough of Havering does not meet the needs of local men. 


A crime and disorder committe(May 2012)reported: 


‘The recent strategic assessment for Havering has found that between 1 st of January 2011 and the 31 st of December 2011 there were 1214 domestic violence offences within the Borough’.(p2)


Of the 1214 offences 80% were female and 20% male victims. 


‘It should be noted that in addition to the 1200 reported offences there are a further 2872 incidents recorded on the CRiS system where the incident was of a domestic nature but no statutory offence had been committed’.(p2)


Havering Womens Aid supported 1192 women, 539 children and 20 men between 2010/2011. Based on the figure of 1214 offences Womens Aid supoprted 98% of the female victims in the borough between 2010-2011.This is excellant and encouraging for female victims of DV. For men in the borough the support outcomes appears very different. Although 20% of the 1214 figure were men Womens aid only appear to have engaged and supported 1.6% of the 1214 figure. Alternatively only 20 out of 242 men were supported. That means at the least 222 male victims in the borough between 2010-2011 did not gain support from Womens Aid. 


I understand that these figures are in no way accurate but I would suggest that based on a rough figure of 20-40%(Homicides, Firearm Offences and Intimate Violence 2010/11: Supplementary Volume 2 to Crime in England and Wales 2010/11) of DV victims being male nationally(800,000 male victims)the support offered to men in Havering as in other councils is not sufficient.   


The services provided to men and women in the borough are delivered through Womens Aid. As someone that tried to access these services in the borough I did not feel that my gender as a man was protected(Equalities Act 2010). As you may be aware public bodies have a responsability(Public Sector Equality Duty within the Equalities Act 2010)to ensure that all members of the community have equal access to service provision regardless of thier protected features. 


I am concerned that male vicitims in Havering are not getting the support they need to safeguard themselves, thier children and families. I would like to meet with you to discuss these concerns and look at how they can be addressed.




Jason Byrne