Email to Waltham forest children’s safeguarding board



I was just reading through the latest e-bulletin. I think the extra resources made available to the borough for addressing domestic violence is excellent. Unfortunately amongst the articles and statement from Fran Pearson there is no mention of male survivors of domestic violence. As the WFSCB may be aware crime statistics, research and social media are now beginning to highlight an increase in male survivors of DV.



‘Current statistics from the British Crime Survey show that one in three victims of domestic abuse are male and in fact the statistics in 2009/10 show that 2.2% of men with children suffered partner abuse (3.7% women) as did 13.0% of male single adults with children (14.7% female single adults with children). These statistics show that there is a need to support children where the father has been a victim of domestic/partner abuse as well as rightly supporting children where the mother has been a victim of domestic/partner abuse’(


With no mention of this in the bulletin and resources not being focused on male survivors i feel it is in breach of the Equality Act 2010 because it does not include everyone with the protected characteristic of gender. Can you please let me know what if any resources have been directed to supporting male victims of DV in the borough.


Many Thanks,