Signs of a Troubled Relationship

Relationship Help for Gen Y

unhappy relationshipAnyone who’s been in a long term relationship will tell you there are rough periods, and most people, when they’re honest, will admit to doubts along the way. But sometimes we don’t know how to assess, “Just how bad is it?” Here’s a list of symptoms that suggest a relationship is in trouble. The more symptoms you think are true for you and/or your partner, the more likely your relationship is in need of some help. If you have three to five checked off, you probably need a tune-up. More than five, it’s time to consider more serious therapy, either alone or with your partner, or in some cases, both.

Below this list is another one, “Signs of Severe Relationship Problems.”

You feel worse around your partner than you do when you’re on your own.

Your self-esteem has plummeted since you’ve been together.

Either you or your partner, or both…

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